Microsoft Access Conversions

A Path From Microsoft Access to the Web

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Are you ready to introduce your MS Access applications to the new millennium? Centralize your data so it can be shared over the internet? Browser-enable your users with state-of-the-art web forms securely operated from anywhere on the planet? Go Mobile with Smart Phone applications? Scale without missing a step when your business goes viral?

We have been successful in translating advances in technology into database-driven, high-performance, Avant-garde web applications. Hasn't the time come for you to rethink your MS Access applications so your business can take advantage of the newest web technologies? Let us help you shape your applications for tomorrow, while preserving what works today.

Our approach starts by gaining a clear understanding of your business and application from an operational standpoint, without which a proper data-model cannot be formulated. We then study the underlying architecture and recommend improvements.

The new UI is designed to leverage new technologies (like Facebook™, Google™, Amazon™, PayPal™ integration) while being mindful of the core functionality of existing operations and applications. Don’t worry, your favorite MS Access UI features, like Filtering/Sorting, Input-Masks and MS-Office interoperability features like PDF output, Ad-hoc Reports are all easily implemented.

Finally, in order to ensure a smooth transition, a data migration plan is devised that includes an automated mechanism for transferring your latest data from the old database into the new data-model on-demand, facilitating testing and final production/installation.

We also build turn-key business information systems from the ground up and perform Microsoft Access™ database migrations to Oracle™, IBM DB2™, SQL Server™, and MySQL™.

Please contact us today to discuss your application(s) with one of our experts.

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